New Development Release 0.47.11

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last release, which as expected had some good bugs in it. This release marks a transition for us. We are starting to switch our focus to bug fixing rather than new features. This means we are hoping to put out the first Release Candidate for a new stable soon. No promises but we are going to try for the 0.48.0 Stable by New Years.

So…. 1) Make backups of your campaigns and customs. 2) Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.


As mentioned not much new is here. We’ve got some improved infantry units, new sprites, and one new quirk - the dreaded Ammo Feed Problem quirk.


Things have slowed down for MegaMekLab just a few bug releases here.


Bugfixes are the name of the day, although there have been a few more MekHQ options, more news stories, and two larger changes: Hangar Tab Colours and Upgraded GM Tools.

Hangar Tab Colours The light purple displays any uncrewed units, while orange shows for any units missing a tech that requires one. The rest of the image shows all of the potential colours that can appear here.

Upgraded GM Tools You can load from a person to have access to this dialog to roll for unit, bloodname, callsign, and their name, or just access it from the Manage Campaign/GM Tools Dialog in the top bar.

FOR MAC USERS There isn’t a Mac release and you’ll have to use the Unix release. We are having issues with the Gradle packaging scripts and various security settings in MacOS. We are working on the issue and have no ETA for a fix.

You can get them here