The MegaMek organization maintains a series of programs that try to implement the published rules for the tabletop BattleTech game published by Catalyst Game Labs as faithfully as is practical. These programs are designed with the idea of being accessible, both in portability across various operating systems and across various hardware configurations.

All programs are open source and distributed under the GPL.

The MegaMek suite of programs allow you to play out tactical turn-based battles and military campaigns in the BattleTech Universe, with tanks, infantry, battle armor, aerospace fighters, WarShips, and most importantly, the mighty BattleMech™ -- king of the battlefield. The programs provide a modern, computerized version of the BattleTech tabletop game, as well as a variety of features for running campaigns and customizing units.

Play out BattleTech games online against human opponents, or against the built-in AI. MegaMek is packed full of customizable options that allow you to play the game your way.
Generate your own personal force (e.g. mercenary unit, line regiment, pirates, etc.) with a full TO&E, experience and skill upgrades for personnel, a repair system, and much more, all within the canon factions and worlds of the BattleTech Universe.
Customize and build your own units, including 'Mechs™, tanks, and WarShips, using the official rules. You can then use these units in MegaMek and MekHQ, or print out record sheets for use in tabletop play.



  • Network/hotseat play for two or more players, including a somewhat cunning AI opponent.
  • Choice of ground, atmosphere, or space combat, along with atmospheric battles on ground maps.
  • Hundreds* of official and unofficial options for deep customization.
  • Map board editing with hundreds of official and custom maps.
  • Over 6000 official units!
  • Campaign creation and management for out of combat actions, including repairs, force organization, personnel management, and so much more!
  • Integrated interstellar map with up-to-date data for multiple time periods.
  • Can create custom units for most unit types.

* May not actually be hundreds but damn sure feels like it.