Tilesets and Such

MegaMek actually has quite a few different Tilesets that change the look of the game. We are currently looking at changing our default Tileset to the Saxarba Tileset.

Current Tileset - Atmospheric


Saxarba Tileset - Saxarba


As you can see it’s quite the difference. If you’ve ever wanted to see samples of all the Tilesets we’ve got some more screenshots here:

BW Atmospheric - A variant on Atmospheric

BW Atmospheric

Classic - Styled on the original Table Top maps


Isometric - Similar to Atmospheric but optimized for Isometric play


Large Texture - Designed to spread a base image over a larger area.

Large Texture

We also have some HQ tilesets which will tax MegaMek unless extra memory has been allocated to MegaMek. Even then it might not help.

HQ Atmospheric

HQ Atmospheric

HQ Isometric

HQ Isometric

HQ Saxarba

HQ Saxarba

If you want to explore and experiment with themes and other graphic options they are under View-Client Settings-Graphics options

Also changing the theme under View-Change Tileset theme can had a feel of seasons to the Tilesets.

This is teaser of another Tileset we are looking into.

Saxarba with SirMegaV buildings