New Development Release 0.47.4

Hi Everyone,

Quick Turn around for the 47.4 release. 47.3 had some nasty bugs which should be fixed here. But the big news is things are getting dark in the projects. As in the long requested dark theme. Currently they are only in place for MegaMek and MegaMekLab. MekHQ is a going to be a project but eventually it will fall to the dark side.

These dark themes they are new and have had some testing but there might be glitches and weirdness around them.

FOR MAC USERS There isn’t a Mac release and you’ll have to use the Unix release. We are having issues with the Gradle packaging scripts and various security settings in MacOS. We are working on the issue and have no ETA for a fix.

MegaMek As mentioned really only bug releases. But to enable dark mode go to View-Client Settings-Graphics and change using the UI Theme. Sample of Dark Mode New Map GUI

MegaMekLab To enable Dark Mode in MegaMekLab. Start the program then go to File-Themes and choose which one. On restart you should end up with this.

New Map GUI

MekHQ Again lots of bug fixes and some QoL stuff.