New Development and Stable Releases

We are pleased to announce that we have two new releases out. The 0.46.0 Stable Release, and 0.47.0 Development Release.

One question we often get is whats the difference between the the Stable and Development releases. The Stable releases are what we consider the safest to play. Meaning they won’t crash and potentially ruin a campaign or save game. Development (Dev) releases are were we introduce new things, i.e improvements to Princess, or new rules or unit types. Most Dev releases are pretty stable and we do need players to test and find bugs in the new features.

Can I play Stable and Dev at the same time? Yes, just have them in different folders.

Can I use my campaign(cpnx) file in both? Don’t…. but we strongly recommend keeping a copy of the campaign file in each folder and back-ups as well.

How can I help? Have a look here